Fall/Winter 2015/16

Our latest news is ... making the news! 

First, we have launched the 5th edition of the Highly Professional Business Cats wall calendar.  Time flies! It feels like yesterday when, in 2011, we sent the first calendar out to the press ... biting our nails in anticipation of the final product. 

Second, we couldn’t be happier to find ourselves in the pages of the Fall/Winter 2015/16 edition of Modern Cat Magazine not once, not twice – but three times. 

As always - if you are seeking information about custom work, visit the commission information page. If you came to shop for prints, calendars and gifts directly from the artist, visit The Supah Market or our Etsy shop.


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Winter 2014-15

The year started out great, hit a low point and then, wow!, what a crazy end to 2014 we've had. We were cookin' through our orders for the last month or so. Orders came in from Japan, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Korea (the cool Korea) and Brazil too! We picked up on a few new practices for our little home business. Staying safe is good but stagnant is a big no-no. All our changes have been great experiences so far.

Amy is drawing up ideas for new designs and taking on new pets to portraitize. Adam was extra busy with more than Supah, he worked his tail off and will soon be able to soak up the  R&R again. We are both looking forward to having more fun making our customers and growing our niche renown around the world.

Our new kitty, Pinky Pistachio, is fitting right in. So our crew is currently: Pinky the destroyer, a Himalayan kitty named Misu, and Baci our Boston Terrier buddy boy.

With gratitude, wishing everyone a happy 2015.


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First Post

Hey everyone!

We made the shift over to a new system to administer The Supah Market. We hope this will bring a more efficient and reliable experience to you.

We had a rough year in 2014. Our family lost two long-time furry family members, Oslo P. Jackson and Pussy Galore. We hope to use the sadness as fuel to inspire new work and ideas. One very good thing that our grief brought us was ... a kitten!  We thought that our cats would have willed their home to a pet without one. So ... here she is:

Our newest recruit, Pinky Pistachio 

Our newest recruit, Miss Pinky Lee Pistachio


Amy Beth is more certain about her work than ever. Going strong in 2014 and forward. Stick with us! 


Thank you, everyone, for all your support and patronage.


Amy Beth

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